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Fueling Innovation at Chicago-Kent

Read Chicago-Kent's Fueling Innovation Case Statement

From its early adoption of computer-assisted legal instruction to the most comprehensive legal writing and advocacy programs in the United States, Chicago-Kent has never been a follower. Long before critics asserted that law schools were offering too little value to students, Chicago-Kent stood out among its peers by combining practical skills training with a rigorous, theoretical approach to legal education. Support now from alumni and friends can enable us to propel Chicago-Kent to the national prominence it deserves.  

Philanthropic Priorities

  • Expand our Faculty of National Prominence
  • Establish and Strengthen Strategic Centers of Excellence
  • Recruit Top-Notch Students in a Competitive Environment
  • Create 21st Century Facilities for Advocacy
It’s time for others to learn what alumni already know.

 IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law is a unique and influential law school at the forefront of legal education. Now is the time to invest strategically to maintain our distinctive educational approach, while ensuring that the reputation, accomplishments and innovations of Chicago-Kent are recognized nationally, at a level commensurate with their impact on the profession and in the greater community.

Next Steps

  • Make a gift to fuel innovation at Chicago-Kent.
  • Review FAQs about Fueling Innovation: The Campaign for IIT.
  • Monitor campaign progress here.